DeCOMPRESSit® Fundamentals Certificate (DFC)

The DeCOMPRESSit® Fundamentals Certified course is tailored to help anyone interested in learning the basics of decompression method for back pain relieve. This course is included as a part of a Primary lifetime membership. The purpose of the DFC certification exam is to confirm participants have a fundamental understanding of the DeCOMPRESSit® methodology.

DeCOMPRESSit® Developer Certified (DDC)

The DDC® is an entry level certification. The objective of this certification is to ensure that participants understand the basics of decompression for back pain relieve and core strength which DeCOMPRESSit® team members need to know to effectively contribute to a DeCOMPRESSit® project.

DeCOMPRESSit® Master Certified (DMC)

The DMC® professionals have a practical, working knowledge of DeCOMPRESSit® that equips them to guide and implement DeCOMPRESSit® projects in a DeCOMPRESSi®t environment. The purpose of the exam is to confirm that applicants have achieved sufficient understanding of how the apply DeCOMPRESSit® framework and practices to projects and to tailor DeCOMPRESSit® in a particular scenario.

DeCOMPRESSit® Product Owner Certified (DPOC)

The DPOC® certification exam is designed to confirm a Product Owner's applicants practical and working knowledge of DeCOMPRESSit® in terms of the ability to handle the related business aspects and projects stakeholders (particularly the customer with back pain) in a DeCOMPRESSit® environment.


Become a trainer posture correction device, namely, an adjustable harness to correct one's posture for sports or other physical and for back pain relieve training purposes.

Get training licenses and in how to use DeCOMPRESSit® devices; Training services in the field of spinal decompressional and for back pain relieve.

Train in alignment; Arranging professional workshop and training courses; Developing training systems and learning to implement it to relieve back pain.

Learn the methodologies for others; Personal training services, namely, strength and conditioning training and Personal fitness with knowledge in back pain relieve.

Certificate in Training services; Personal fitness training services and consultancy; Physical fitness training of individuals and groups; Physical fitness training services; Providing facilities for spinal decompression, alignment training and for back pain relieve.

Train in the art of Providing information in the field of exercise training; Providing personal training and physical fitness core strength.

Involve in the consultation to corporate clients to help their employees make physical fitness, strength, conditioning, and exercise alterations in their daily living; Providing personal training and physical fitness consultation to individuals with back pain to help them make physical fitness, strength, conditioning, and exercise improvement in their daily living.

Get certified in Providing sports training information and advice via a website; Sports training services.


Partner with us. Get your own DeCOMPRESSit® treatment center for back pain relieve, become a sales associate, become a distributor for the various products of DeCOMPRESSit® or become a full dealer and have your own treatment center you can even upgrade to a new concept in fitness as its called digital fitness box with RTF.

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