How long could it be used?

It could be used on daily basis as long as you like. We cannot put time limit on the joy of having back pain relief.

How much does it cost?

  It’s a priceless experience using DeCOMPRESSit® products for back pain relief, but you will only pay less than a hundred dollars for the belt to experience a tremendous back pain relief.

Where it could be used?
From any overhead horizontal bar indoors or outdoors as long as the bar is placed higher than the users head.
For easier access a chin up bar could be used as a portable solution inside a door frame.
A horizontal steady bar could be used as easy access inside door frame.
What’s the weight limitation?

There is no weight limitation and it could be customized to fit anybody shape or any weight. The DeCOMPRESSit® is the only method exist can actually help an obese person with back problems

Will we take the item back?

We stand behind our brand and we’ll take it back if you are not satisfied.

How to place an order?

Simply pick which product you are interested in from our wide range of products and then click ORDER HERE

Do one need special preparation or special outfit before use?

No special preparation or special outfit needed.

Why our product?

It’s simple, easy, function-able, durable and affordable.

How difficult is it to use?

Hook up the belt from the provided hook to the overhead horizontal bar and start using it, it does not get easier than this!

Who can use it?

All body types:
Overweight, Obese, Elderly people, people with special conditions, Patients with heart-problem or high blood pressure, Pregnant women, Bulging disc patients, Herniated disc patients, Posterior facet syndrome patients, Sciatica nerve pain patients, Suitable to any age, Suitable to all body shapes.

How big is it and can one transfer it easy?

It fits in a small size gym bag.

Do one need assistance to use?

No assistance needed. If you are seeking professional help we highly recommend a certified DeCOMPRESSit® licensed trainer. All certified DeCOMPRESSit® trainers should have a certification number. Without this certification number they are not authorized by DeCOMPRESSit®.




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